HFP delivers a wide variety of acoustical services in architectural spaces. HFP is expert in acoustical design for many architectural spaces including: multi-family residential, hotels, convention centers, offices, boardrooms, recreational facilities, places of worship, and public and entertainment venues. Our services include:

  • Environmental sound level surveys for site selection
  • MEP drawing reviews for acoustical performance
  • Sound masking system design and tuning
  • Audio system tuning
  • Room privacy assessments and sound isolation design
  • Reverberation control/enhancement
  • Complete integration of audio visual systems with natural room acoustics
  • Room acoustical testing, noise surveys, and problem diagnostics
  • Predictive room acoustical performance through computer modeling
  • Air handler noise isolation
  • Vibration measurement and control
  • FSTC, FIIC, vibration, reverberation testing


HFP can work in all project stages from design and development to remediation.  HFP recognizes that acoustical concepts and terminology can be deep waters.  HFP is adept at navigating through necessary acoustical terminology, test reports, and technical data to arrive at cost-effective, solutions-oriented conclusions and recommendations.  HFP provides the information necessary that enables our clients to make important decisions that balance cost and acoustical performance.