Performance Spaces

Acoustical design is at the forefront of any performance space project. Whether the space is an auditorium, cinema, recording or broadcast studio, or a rehearsal space, the acoustical performance is on display every time the space is in use. Once in place, the designed space will most likely be used for many years. Modifications to existing performance spaces can be achieved, though it can be very difficult to overcome poor initial design. Retrofit design is typically many times over the cost associated with implementing proper design.

HFP works together with the project team to achieve the specific goals of the performance space in the optimized design. In performance spaces, typical acoustical considerations such as reverberation time carry magnified importance. The reverberation time should be carefully adjusted to fit the type and use of the space: contemporary music for high school auditoriums, classical music for performance halls, neutral and less reverberant environments for recording studios, neutral and “dry” for cinemas and black box theaters. Often, walls and ceilings should be shaped and angled to broaden and deepen the sound stage and to facilitate overall sound quality.

While the interior space must be carefully designed for the optimum showcase for artistic performance, equally important is the design of the exterior of the performance space in order to minimize or eliminate intrusive noise. What lies outside the space must be considered in the overall acoustical design, whether, for example, the space is an auditorium or concert hall located near a highway, airport, or rail line; a studio in the center of a building; or a cinema next door to a dance club. Noise and vibration from HVAC and building mechanical equipment must be controlled.

HFP has extensive knowledge of quality acoustical design for performance spaces.


Typical Performance Spaces Projects Include

Black Box Theaters
Broadcast Studios
Choral and Dance Rehearsal Spaces
Drama Theaters
Orchestral Rehearsal Spaces
Performance Auditoriums
Recording Studios