Oil & Gas Pipelines

HFP has applied our expertise in acoustic design on the majority of pipeline systems in North America. HFP works in all aspects of the acoustic design, from noise impact assessments, conceptual and detailed compressor station design to commissioning and operation noise emission studies. We have extensive experience with FERC, NEB, ERCB & AUC, COGCC, BLM, and many state, provincial, county, and local noise regulations.

HFP has designed compressor stations to meet the highest possible standards. HFP can recommend noise control mitigation measures for new facility design or for an existing facility retrofit. We can provide rank-ordered equipment treatment priorities, detailed conceptual sketches, recommendations of specialty vendor products and tender specifications.


Noise Control Design Elements Include

Reciprocating gas compressor stations
   Engine exhaust silencing
   Turbo-charger acoustical lagging
   Design of acoustical compressor buildings

Centrifugal gas compressor stations
   Gas generator inlet silencing
   Power turbine exhaust silencing
   Lube oil console enclosure/silencing
   Acoustical pipe lagging
   Design of acoustical unit (GG/PT) enclosures
   Design of acoustical compressor buildings

Reciprocating & centrifugal gas compressor stations

  Direct drive coolers

  Aerial (fin-fan) coolers

  Vent/blowdown silencing

Oil pipeline pumping stations
   Design of acoustical buildings