Power generation facilities are generally heavily regulated.  Increasingly, sound level requirements are being written into regulations, typically appearing in contracts as required performance guarantees.  HFP has completed a large array of power plant projects in all project phases:
  • Ambient noise monitoring to establish pre-construction sound levels
  • Diagnostic sound level surveys of existing facilities
  • Computer noise modeling of existing or planned facilities
  • Cost-effective noise mitigation strategies for various design options
  • Regulatory noise emission compliance studies – design or existing facilities



HFP Power Project Experience Includes

Coal powered plants
Gas powered simple cycle, combine cycle, and cogeneration plants.
Micro-turbines for enhanced energy recovery at small compressor stations 
Wind turbine farms
Turbine genset package compliance test


Our Power and Cogeneration Clients Include

Alberta Power
ATCO Noise Management
Dominion Resources
Edmonton Power
Entergy Power
Hunt Power
Imperial Oil
Koch Power
Lower Colorado River Authority
MAXIM Energy
Northland Power
Parsons Energy
PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia
Puerto Rican Electrical Power Authority
Shell Wind Energy
Sherritt Power (Heartland Energy)
Sound Technologies
Stewart & Stephenson
Suez Energy Generation NA, Inc.
Texas Petrochemicals
Tierra Energy
TransAlta Utilities
United Steel Structures
Vogt Power
XCEL Energy